Imaginationeering’s testing prowess ensures your product will work exactly as intended.

Testing is an important part of the development cycle, and is just as important as the product itself. At Imaginationeering, we pride ourselves on thorough testing of products that will be able to stand up to the market demands and function as designed with real-world issues in mind.

Our Expertise

The Imaginationeering engineering team has experience in carrying out various testing types, from initial procedures draft to final report. Our team will engineer the test plan, including what equipment and calibration are required to produce an accurate testing result. At Imaginationeering, we can take a design and prove the concept via testing to mitigate costly on duty issues.

Examples of testing:

  • Load Testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Fatigue testing
  • Thermal testing
  • Complete seal testing qualifications
  • API qualification testing

You imagine it,
we engineer it!

Whether you are looking to optimize or to develop a new product, let Imaginationeering guide you through this process with our highly committed team today!