Lifting Sub

Imaginationeering’s team is highly experienced in all the bottom hole assembly components including all intermediate drill pipe tools. Our experience includes handling vibrational load on drill strings, tools accessing wellbore for sampling and work over operations. Imaginationeering background in downhole tools and in-field assistance has established irreplaceable knowledge that insures high quality product development to our clients.

Whether you need a component, tool, or an entire system, you can be sure that Imaginationeering stands behind its quality and experience to deliver the best product and customer satisfaction.


Imaginationeering will help you to:

1. Optimize an existing DownHole tool

2. Develop new and patentable DownHole Tool technologies

3. Perform and provide testing on your Downhole tools.

4. Perform simulation analysis using our Ansys mechanical and Fluent analysis software


Examples of products we worked on:

  • Shock Subs
  • Lift Subs
  • Filter Subs
  • Stabilizers
  • Reamers
  • Jars
  • Orientation Subs
  • Float valve Subs


Project Examples:

DownHole Tool-Shock Sub

Shock Sub
Axial-Torsional-Lateral Shock Sub

Dynamometer DownHole Tool

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