Oil & Gas

Imaginationeering recognizes that the oil and gas industry demands quick and cost-effective solutions. Our team possesses unique experiences in the offshore and on-shore fields in the design, application, and integration of oil field components. Whether you need a component, tool, or an entire system, you can be sure that Imaginationeering stands behind its engineering quality and experience to deliver the best customer satisfaction possible.

Our Expertise

Imaginationeering’s engineers has combined of 50 years of experience in oil and gas tools and products. Our engineering team had worked everywhere from the rig floor down to the wellbore, equipping us to design, engineer, and test a diverse range of projects.

OffShore Product Expertise:

  • Vertical Monobore Trees, w/ accompanying tools
  • Tubing Head assemblies
  • Horizontal Trees, w/ accompanying tools
  • Tubing Hangers
  • Penetrator systems
  • Collet or 3-piece clamp connectors
  • Hydraulic Connectors
  • PLETs & PLEMs
  • Manifolds

DownHole Tool Expertise:

  • Shock Subs
  • Lift Subs
  • Filter Subs
  • Stabilizers
  • Reamers
  • Jars
  • Orientation Subs
  • Float valve Subs

In addition to above, Imaginationeering provides Design, maintenance, inspection, upgrade services, design validations, and consulting services for the following:

1. Deck Crane

2. Under Rig Floor Crane ( U.R.F.)

3. XY Pipe Racking Crane

4. Pipe Delivery System or Hydraulic Catwalk

5. RoughNecks

6. Design Validation

7. Consulting Services

8. Hi-Line System

9. Single Joint Elevator

10. Recertification of Lifting Gears

11. Quick Disconnect

12. Pony Rods

13. Mud Pump Parts

a. Liners

b. Piston Rods

14. Instrumentation and Rig Monitoring:

a. Electronic Drilling Recording ( EDR)

b. Pit Volume Totalizer ( PVT)

c. Conditioned Based Maintenance

d. Zone Management

e. Data Management

f. Rig Communication Systems

15. Centrifugal Pumps

a. Mixing Pumps

b. Change Pumps

c. Blending Pumps

d. Transfer Pumps

e. Diesel Pump Skid

16. General or specific duty HPU Skids

17. Wash Pipe Assembly

Our Projects

You imagine it,
we engineer it!

Whether you are looking to optimize or to develop a new product, let Imaginationeering guide you through this process with our highly committed team today!