Getting Started


If you are looking for help with your idea or invention, you are in the right place. To help us address your needs more efficiently, we recommend that you review the items listed below before setting up a consultation.

  1. Write a description of the invention and of the invention’s operation.
  2. Proof your concept or possibly build a prototype (depends on the invention).
  3. Do a patent search. You can do the patent research by yourself using the USPTO search, and google it as well to see if there are any similar invention or product. You can hire an attorney, as well, to do the patent research for you and that usually cost anywhere between $200.00 to $1,000.00. When hiring someone to do a search for you:
    • Ask them to sign a NDA agreement (There is a NDA form on our website).
    • Define your customers for your invention:
      • Their age group.
      • Where do they live?
      • How much will they be willing to pay?
      • Where will they expect to buy your product?
  4. Identify if there are any competing products.
  5. Explain how your new invention gives solutions to your customer.
  6. Explain how your new invention is better than the competing product (if there are any competing products).
  7. Identify your needs for product design services, or product development services:
    • Are you trying to make a proof of concept?
    • Are you only interested in making several prototypes for yourself and potential clients/investors?
  8. Complete a business plan that covers the assigned budget for your product development/design, that includes the product development, building a prototype, conducting testing on your product (create a testing plan for your product).
  9. Have a plan of how your product is going to be marketed.
  10. Understand the market of your product. Analyze the market and see how your product best fits in the market.
  11. Identify the price range for your product. Again, analyze the market and figure out who are your potential customers and how much would you think they are going to pay for your product.
  12. Have a detailed description of your design ready that includes dimensions, specs, etc…
  13. Download our Non-disclosure Agreement and have it ready for Imaginationeering to sign.