FEA Analysis

Imaginationeering provides extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services. Our range of FEA services allow our customers to test and optimize their products with greatly increased speed and reduced cost over conventional build-and-test operations.

Imaginationeering can evaluate your existing product design to establish proof of performance and insights for enhancements. Additionally, we can act on our enhancement insights to produced optimized geometry for our customers.

At Imaginationeering, we pride ourselves on the high level of customer involvement we foster. We believe the client should be intimately involved in direction their FEA study takes and in deciding which customized results best suit their needs. We anticipate our studies to be iterative processes and allot the proper time ensure total customer satisfaction.

Our areas of FEA expertise include:

Structural Analysis

  • Static and Dynamic Loading
  • Non-linear Material, Geometry and Contact analysis
  • Hyper- Elastic (Elastomers) Analysis
  • Visco-Elastic & Visco-Plastic Analysis
  • Buckling & Collapse Analysis
  • Weight Reduction & Optimization

Dynamic Studies

  • Steady state and Transient Conditions
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Thermal analysis
  • Fatigue and Life Cycle Evaluation
  • Harmonic Response
  • Impact Studies

Examples of our work:

  • Oil & Gas Specific
    • Drill Pipe Threads
    • Reamers
    • Shock Sub
    • Lifting Sub
    • Roughnecks
    • Mouseholes (fixed & rotating)
    • Catwalks
    • Pipe Spinners
    • Lock Rings
    • Horizontal & Vertical Tree Systems
    • Subsea Running Tools
    • Seals (Metal & Elastomer)
    • Drilling Connectors
  • Cranes
    • Strength and weight optimization
    • Boom Lifting Capacity
    • Boom Allowable Deflection
    • Lifting Gear
    • Man-Baskets
    • King Post & Pedestals
    • Turrets
    • Travel Rails and Mount Supports
  • Winches
    • Flange Bending
    • Barrel Crushing
    • Torque Interaction with Drive Element
  • Skids
    • Lifting Eye Design
    • Weight Holding Capacity
    • Forklift Pockets Design
  • Spreader Bars
    • Lift Capacity
    • Allowable Deflection Study

Our standard deliverables include:

  • Custom Reports
  • Optimization
  • Analytical Calculations Files
  • Convergence Study Results
  • 3D Models of Any Optimized Geometry
  • All Native Simulation Files