About Imaginationeering, LLC.

Imaginationeering, LLC is an engineering firm serving the Houston area which specializes in new product development, mechanical and design engineering, industrial design, 3D printing, 3D CAD modeling, and rapid prototyping.

We create innovative solutions to complex problems through our engineering expertise and capabilities. Our mechanical engineering and design engineering background, combined with our capabilities to 3D print and build rapid prototypes, makes us a one stop solution for your needs.


Francois Martin

Product Development Engineer/Founder

Having held many engineering positions (Design Engineer, Test Engineer, and Product Development Engineer) in subsea companies such as Oceaneering and Seacon, Francois Martin, who has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, decided to establish Imaginationeering, LLC August 2014 with a focus on providing product development and engineering solutions for inventors, companies and the general public.

Francois enjoys adventuring, in addition to skiing, swimming and back-country camping. He is on a mission to explore all the national parks of the United States along with his 2 kids. So if he is not at work, he is probably pursuing his next exploration.


Kasey Lench

Lead Industrial Designer

Kasey Lench graduated from the University of Houston at the top of her class with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design. She enjoys traveling, teaching her old dog new tricks, and fishing.

Justin Triplett

Justin Triplett

Mechanical Engineer

Justin is a Mechanical Engineer, specializes in structure and machine design. Justin has 10 years of experience in the mentioned field. Justin graduated Summa Cum Laude from the university of South Alabama in 2006. Justin has experiences designing winches, cranes, and various oil drilling tools. Justin offers his expertise to turn your imagination into a reality.

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